An Eye on Finance$!

John F. ThomasI have been following the activities of the Muscogee County School Board since moving to Columbus in 2007. If I am elected to serve on the Muscogee County School Board, representing District 2, I will make these promises to my supporters:

  • I will be a worthy steward of the school district budget
  • I will never accept anything of any value whatsoever from a vendor, including gifts, services, and meals
  • I will never take any trip funded by the school district budget
  • I will push for a top-to-bottom audit of the school district budget, policies, and procedures
  • I will focus on maintaining excellence in the classroom experience for teachers and students
  • I will never support making an already unwieldy and faceless bureaucracy even more top-heavy
  • I will work to find innovative ways to ease the budgetary crisis, with my primary focus being to protect the jobs of classroom teachers and paraprofessionals

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